An introduction

img_0800Hi, I’m Sann Dylan and I’m a trans guy. This is my little space online to share the ups and downs and all arounds! I started seeing a gender therapist in 2014 and transitioning in 2016. Currently I’m pre-everything.

img_0830I identify as male and am going through the pre-hormone androgynous phase. My voice is low for a female, high for a male. I want to get on “T” (testosterone) and share my experience. I am currently coming out and presenting as a male. Here are some pics. I’m 5’3 and 105lbs.

img_0838I bind and wear an STP packer. It’s hard learning how to pee standing up! (TMI anyone?) I’m from Ontario, Canada and live with my cat, Mittens and my awesome roommate, M. More to follow!