On a more serious note

I came out to my psychiatrist today. I’ve been seeing a gender therapist since early 2014. He was supportive, took it in stride, asked what my plans were, suggested a doctor for hormones. I was quite pleased.

For that that don’t know, I have SZA – Schizoaffective disorder. Take one part schizophrenia, one part bipolar disorder, add to mixer, shake vigorously, blammo, you’ve got what I’ve got.

My psychiatrist also says I’m in remission.

Wohoo! Good day, except for the bad crap, but not getting into that.

I was a bit worried about my psychiatrist. He’s not terribly old, maybe older 40’s, but he is a different culture, and, ahh fuckit. He’s always been supportive of me. I don’t know why I get so nervous.

He’s willing to write letters for hormones and whatnot.

7 days until I see my gender therapist.

I was pretty anxious telling my psychiatrist. He smiled, talked in his usual calming, kind, voice, and supported me. He says my idea of starting low dose “T” is a good one, and he supports me. He’s a great doc. He’s never once raised his voice to me, or been upset with me.

I wish all doctors were like him.