Stand to Pee FTM

I ordered my STP (stand to pee) packer from Come As You Are and the shipping time was soo fast, plus its in Canadian dollars, with free shipping if you order over $50, or subscribe to the mailing list. I bought a scrotal support thing from the pharmacy, but it sucked, so I bought a harness, too. I got that today!

form-function-model-d-stp-1I felt an instant rush when I saw that piece of silicone in my hand. I hooked it into my scrotal support thingy (waste of $20) and cut a hole for my new, silicone, balls. I went to the bathroom, pulled off my pants and underpants, and tried to pee.

Then I tried harder.

Harder again. Not easy.

Then the stream started. What a rush when it came out of the tip. Well, it also came out of the back. I pissed all over the toilet (I didn’t have the lid up, derp), the floor, my legs. Good thing I was pantsless. I adjusted. Nope. I finally finished peeing, cleaned up my mess, and the packer, and snapped it into my undies. Try, try again. But first, I ordered a proper harness.

2016-12-06-20-40-13So I tried again a few more times, in the shower, without the scrotal support. My roommate must think I shower a bazillion times a day. I finally put it away (in my pants) and strutted around. Finally, I can take dick pics. So I did. Lots of dick pics. Turns out I know nada about male anatomy. So, I put it away for the weekend and my harness arrived on Tuesday. My MTF trans friend told me that my dick pics were all wrong. Oops. She told me how to wear it correctly. Yay for advice. When I got my harness, I was stoked.

First attempt: Yay! But I put an old towel down, just in case, got outta my pants and undies. Second attempt, yay! Third attempt, some spillage. It does get easier. And now I know how to walk and sit like a man. Boy, does it feel wonderful. Standing while peeing is so much more exciting than one would think. It feels so right.And I even have a bulge in my pajamas. Look closely. And that is enough intenet for now.