Stand to pee fun (or not)

I ordered a STP (stand to pee) packer (fake penis) as well as a harness. It fits well. It’s getting used to that’s the problem!

My first day I thought I had to squish it hard against my uhh .. cockpit. Nope. Made a mess. Changed pants often. It was also hard to start the stream. Anxiety. But it was cool to see the stream come out where it’s supposed to. 

I threw away my scrotal support thing that I bought to try, before throwing $30 on a proper harness. I had cut a separate hole for my fake balls. After accidents, I gave up until my harness came. Much easier. More practice. 

I learned to just let it sit comfortably in the harness and let it flow. No fancy hand tricks, just slow the stream. It worked. No more messes. It’s been a week and I’m peeing like a champ. Standing up. Practice makes perfect.

I see my counsellor on Tuesday. Yay! Closer to “T” (testosterone). She’s setting me up with a GP there, since my “new” one fired me for cancelling the meet and greet for having a fucking emergency. I gave them 24 hours notice.

I called, they bitched me out and told me to, basically, Fuck off. I’ve been there since 2012 and my GP moved. How goddamn nasty.

The bonus: it’s an LGBTQ friendly centre. My awesome counsellor called me after I got the news and said “well, no new patients but you’ve been here since 2013 and can access any care provider here. I’ll help you on Tuesday”. She rocks.


The difference a hairdo and glasses make

Playing around with my hair today. Slicked it back. Never wore it like this before, it’s actually quite long for me. It took a lot of gel (sorry M, I ran out) and hairspray, but it looks much better. I also got my glasses from Zenni today. Kids sized! But male. Check out my new look.

Also, I’ve been trying too hard with my STP packer. I’ve gotta let it go and let it flow (TMI!) Less mess. Not ready to use it in public, but no more, uh, accidents. And it makes “walking like a man” easier because, well, there’s something there! Enough about my bladder and fake penis for today.  I’ll find something more interesting to write about tomorrow!